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A coregasm — which some women say is a less intense version of a genital orgasm — tends to occur during exercises that use the core muscles. Knee raises and leg raises on the captain's chair at the gym seem to do the trick, Herbenick says. Some people report orgasming during meditative processes in yoga when they are not really engaging their cores.

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Reddit user NoveltySin decided to indulge her curiosity and wear a FitBit heart rate monitor during sex. Source: Imgur. She even added little annotations to mark different positions and when she had not one, but two orgasms.

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Movies make having orgasms seem so easy, like I just had one. There goes another one!

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A lot of things can happen after an orgasm: sleeping, bonding with your partner, cuddling, giggling, crying, fighting. Bustle explains that orgasms are a pretty complex event. For them to happen, a lot of factors have to align; the coordination of your muscles and genitals, the need for some of your hormones to be in check and for your brain to be relaxed.

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Relationships February 20, Womp, womp. So basically everyone.

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Relationships September 18, You slip on that little sexy number, you hit up bae and sip on a little bubbly before the sexual encounter. You and your partner indulge in a little foreplay and are off to the races.

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Doing kegel exercises is just a matter of flexing that muscle multiple times, for different durations. And then increase the duration, or the number of reps, each time one of the squeezes gets too easy. Doing the three different types is important because one of them will help the most it varies person to person with helping you stop ejaculating or having multiple orgasms.

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Lauren Crowa photographer based out of Portland, Oregon, photographed women while they were masturbating to show what female pleasure really looks like. Crow hopes to change that by revealing messy, sweaty and honest images of women climaxing. Crow wants to empower all women to understand that pleasure is pleasure -- and you don't need to look gorgeous to feel it.

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