How you can find the best partner for the development of apps

Finding a mobile program development firm is a not at all hard task, what is really confusing is choosing the best company for your project. In this post we examine what are the parameters and criteria which should be taken into account think about the best mobile application development companies of your programs.

What conditions to follow to pick our best partner?

Stock portfolio

We are enthusiastic about knowing what sort of companies stand for the success stories of our feasible partner:

B2C (Business a couple of Customer) or B2B (Business 2 Business). The experience you present with different clients allows you not to make a few mistakes that he already knows and offers solved before.
Startup and / or Fortune 500 experience. How it all started is if the partner features experience with companies the size of your own. Having a partner who has learned the rules on the game of companies of various sizes in addition to different stages of maturation represents an asset of great worth when anticipating possible constraints and risks.


After getting seen your portfolio, there is certainly nothing like asking for references to the potential spouse-to-be’s customers. It is information that will save you a lot of time and, especially, money.

Local, hybrid or perhaps framework-made software

We want to see what is the best solution within our case and acquire a reason for this decision. It would also be convenient to verify in the second half’s portfolio if there are types of each type and, in the case of choosing a generated iphone app, to test the examples of the portfolio to check its carry out.

User Interface and User Knowledge (UI as well as UX)

This can be a fundamental section of the app that needs a developing work of optimization in the interface based on trial and error. Once validating the ability that our spouse can have in this feature, it is advisable to understand in advance the effort methodology for being used, to have references of User Interface (UI) and Consumer Experience (UX) in earlier works, to verify they are respected Established iOS and Android style guides, know what tools are used and as to why, and, if you contract the expansion and the AJE / UX separately, understand that the former will be able to intervene from the beginning.

Work strategy

Having defined a methodology and know how to put it is key. It is convenient for people to find out the methodologies and work tools of our spouse, as they will be a source of data, reports, control points plus the location of possible optimizations that will leave no doubt whether or not they should are used or not.

Software and testing

It is essential our partner posseses an automated advancement and application methodology as it will avoid many surprising economic and time costs. Ask for being taught the full spiral of a prior development as well as the tools employed for automation will give us a perception of the way the partner works and measures their own do the job.

Transparency and honesty

Openness should be a natural factor in virtually any team from the beginning, an absolute requirement. It is important to discover the methodology of progress our partner since this lets us to learn at all times what is being worked on and how the project is progressing.


Our partner must be proactive to be active in the project from the beginning. It is a contributions of extra worth since at technical level your knowledge and experience will probably be greater. Consult him the way the communication passes with his clientele are to validate his activity.

Knowledge Backside

It is recommended that the spine (the technology that works and not seen) and the front (what the user sees) are executed with the same partner since the collaboration among teams will be more fluid, with known techniques and accepted by each party. In this way, greater quality and productivity is made certain.


It is interesting that our partner provides a team dedicated to pen-testing assessments other than creation. Depending on the form of applications contracted, the services of a corporation specialized in computer system security for honest hacking will be different in order to make certain that there are no security blemishes in your product.


Your partner should be able to supply you with a list and a short bio of the people involved in the advancement the iphone app. Having this document not simply helps transparency, it is also a great insurance to find out these people are the experts you expect.

SQA (Software Quality Assurance)

You will need to choose a partner that has a clearly defined SQA method. This is an assurance not only that the item is perfect and complies with all the functional description but also that there is a dangerous procedure that encompasses all processes.

Support and repair

Developing a great app can be not a one-shot job. This can be a product that has to evolve with users as well as the market. You have to verify which our partner includes a support and maintenance division with in depth experience, able of hoping any level and ensuring the life of our application.


Do not let the purchase price be your only guide. It is not advisable to pick a partner structured only by using an economic approximation because, of course, you need a superb product, not really the cheapest a single. In technology, it is very common to start with the least expensive supplier which is not efficient, which means you hire another one whose value was rejected in advance, while using consequent price in time and money. Question your potential partners the price broken down by profiles and tasks, this will likely make that easier to set up a comparison with criteria.

This brief instruction is not intended to be ultimate. It is a support made from knowledge for those who are faced with the hard responsibility of choosing an associate for their tasks.

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